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Development & Acquisition

What We Do

Development & Acquisition

GreenHaus Development is constructing an evergreen strategic business that will sustain all cyclical markets by focusing on our core market (which is 60% - 100% AMI households) in the capital risk roles of land development and the acquisition of existing assets. These two roles will be placed in either our long-term asset incomes or capital risk transactions.

Below are the current goals of GreenHaus:

  • To develop several affordable condos buildings for our core market in the NY submarkets.

  • To retrofit existing rental buildings that are housing families in our core market, have multiple violations, and have the need for significant upgrades. This presents an opportunity for us to preserve the existing affordable units while updating the building.


In order to reach these goals, we are looking for partners. Competitively priced, cost-effective, and dependable financial partners that are willing to fund project-based affordable housing developments and buildings in our above capital risk roles. Additionally, we are looking for burdened or transitioning landlords/property owners that are looking for a reasonable exit strategy for their assets. With our systematic approach to business, as well as our ability to provide a quality product, and our mission to serve, we are capable to provide a successful business transaction focused on optimizing the wants and needs of the owner, investors as well as our company.


Healthy Homes for Urban Families

No matter how you live your home is our priority

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