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What We Do


When it comes to home, everyone wants to have peace of mind that where they live is safe and comfortable. The same implies for a tenant or employees in an office building. Research shows that healthier buildings make for happier people. Our cement-based non-expanding foam insulation can help your old brownstone or new development become that healthy building that everyone needs. Our insulation is fireproof, mold, insect and pest resistant. If you are chemically sensitive, no problem, our cement-based insulation is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly product that doesn't off-gas like spray foam insulation.

Do you need a quieter room? Our insulation can reduce outside noise by as much as 75%. Perfect for retrofits and weatherization projects and it’s an excellent insulator at R-value 3.9 per 1-inch thickness. So, if you place value on health, comfort, durability and want energy efficiency as a byproduct, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out how your home, building, or project can be


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Benefits of our Insulation and Wallboard


Toxic Free

No traces of formaldehyde or any toxic fumes. Healthy for people and pets.


Pest & Rodent Free

Vermin and bugs are unable to create nest in our insulation due to its desiccant.


Fire Resistant

100% fireproof. Creating a barrier of protection against heat and flames, protecting the structure of the building as well as lives.



Has the capability of scrubbing the CO2 from the atmosphere making the air clean and oxygen rich.

Healthy Homes for Urban Families

No matter how you live your home is our priority

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